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Welcome to KZSoul!

Our mission is to support you through the natural evolutionary process of becoming your purest self and awakening into higher consciousness (healing or self-realization).


We offer holistic healing services, education, community, and events that support raising your vibration, awareness, and well-being.


Karina Zulino is a seeker of deeper truths and personal transformation, she holds a high vibration that allows her to transmute dense energies and is a clear link between spirit and earth’s physical realm.  She has extensive studies and experience working with Energy, Alchemy, Universal laws, Soul Memory Discovery, Multidimensional Platforms, and much more. She is of service in helping those in need of finding greater balance, connection, and clarity on their life path!

  • Group Healing & Blessings
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Jun 06
    KZ's Home
    Jun 06, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    KZ's Home, 4260 Lomo Del Sur, La Mesa, CA 91941, USA
    Join us for an evening of energetic adjustments, blessings and connection!
Soul Therapy &
Energy cleanse

Where did that joy for life go? Try an energy cleanse
to get it back! It is a quick & powerful energetic adjustment to get you back into alignment. Much like a chiropractic adjustment, but of your energetic field.

Soul Therapy takes a deeper look into what's outdated or negatively affecting your path & brings therapeutic support for your soul's highest evolution.

Energetic Bath 2 -4.jpg
Ancestry Alignment

This is a healing of family dissonance passed down through multiple generations. Karina and Xitlali work together utilizing a tool called the Sirius Portal to connect with higher Divine Consciousness to receive clarity then we make adjustments to align and harmonize the original trauma that has been passed down the family line and has caused disturbances in your life.

Environment Therapy

Do you recognize the connection & effects on you and your family to the health of the environment you live in?

We offer environmental harmonization with an expanded view of the property as a LIVING BEING. We treat any emotional (Feng Shui), physical (Geobiology), and spiritual issues by raising the vibrational frequency and removing negative interferences that prevent harmony and health of the space. This in turn positively affects the health and well-being of all living beings in it. 

Modern Living Room
Products that protects & uplifts

 Our "Sacred Bottle" is a divine crystal anointing healing pendant necklace custom programmed by Karina herself with the highest of frequencies.  They are powerful and stunning, a must see!



After extensive research of the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from modern technologies and how we can protect ourselves from them, Karina found the best solution in the market and is a distributor & EMF Specialist for EMF Solutions Inc.  These EMF remediation products can be purchased online or you may call for further guidance or schedule a free local (San Diego and surrounding area) EMF levels testing on your home via texting or calling 619-627-1254

Learn, apply and allow a higher state of being!


" I have seen numerous healers, energy workers, readers, etc., and never have I encountered someone like Karina. Her type of healing work is rare, and so deep and impacting. I have referred numerous people to her and everyone has been amazed by the experience. She is one of a kind, a truly gifted, healer. "

—  B. Jean, PhD

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