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Soul Therapy

Sharing my soul family with you! 


Karina Zulino - Soul Therapist

I am honored to introduce you to my soul family! They are pure of heart, clear Divine channels, incredibly brave, powerful, brilliant and devoted in assisting the ones willing to receive their love, light and wisdom. See their profiles and contact info below.

Xitlali & Dario

Aloha 😊 We are Dario & Xitlali (pronounced-seat*lolli) of Radiant Love Vibrations. Through many transformations and deep healing of all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) we were able to cleanse ourselves of anxiety, depression, alcoholism and more. We have put in the work to clear ancestral traumas, re-parent our inner child and open to the divine channels we are meant to be. From these experiences we manifested our sacred union. We are now pleased to offer many different services from Shamanic Healing Sessions to Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons, Private Yoga, Intuitive Card Readings, Reiki, Spiritual Connection with passed on loved ones, Relationship (not just romantic) Coaching and more! 

We are here as a divine union to hold space, raise the vibration and gently guide humanity to self heal, grow and flow in the abundance of love. 

Namaste 💛🙏🏼💛

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or call us at 858-247-1997

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or call 858-472-7044

Kate Branan, B.S., PharmD.

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As a child, intrinsically I knew peace in nature and commune with Spirit through solace and prayer.  Disappointment, trauma and self sabotage led me to pursue healing as my profession and highest purpose in this life.  For seventeen years as a pharmacist, I have provided clinical support to help those in need of medication therapy find balance.  As a sober woman for the last decade, I have held space as a sponsor and in service to a fellowship.  In more recent years I have expanded my heart's calling as an energy healer in the practice of Deeksha and Johrei.


Should you need someone to support or guide your individual journey back to experiencing the unconditional love of the Divine, I would be honored to support you.  I offer personal healing sessions infused with attentive listening, experiential practice and rituals and energy healing.  I facilitate two Conscious Talks per month to gather, discuss and learn how to integrate our Higher Self into the demands of personhood.  However I can be of service to you, my hope is to awaken consciousness within and be a companion on your soul journey, Namaste.

Leilany Lima

Leilany has spent over a decade developing actionable solutions for organizations and individuals through the craft of combining science and sapience.

  • As a partner with The Predictive Index, she leverages science-backed tools and draws from her background in counseling and training to develop custom talent-development strategies for leaders like you.

  • Her coaching has helped hundreds of individuals to transform limiting behavioral patterns into purposeful living practices.

  • She believes that everyone has the ability to access their highest purpose through supported self-exploration and is honored to guide others through their personal journey in life, business, and all the adventures life has to offer.


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or call 619-431-1820

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Dr. Dana Dean, O.D.

“Vision Intelligence Through Heart- Centered Optometry from a Spiritual and Conscious Space”

Dr. Dana Dean is a behavioral optometrist who specializes in holistic optometry and vision intelligence. Originally from South Africa, she treats her patients holistically performing vision therapy on both children and adults. Her patients also include brain injuries, stroke victims and adults who want to achieve maximum success in life and reach their true potential.  Not only does she see patients performing eye-brain-body connection and building visual efficiency, she also lectures on the topics of vision and brain integration, vision and the aging eyes, vision and spirituality, vision with balance and coordination, as well as vision intelligence. Dr. Dana Dean is also a passionate advocate for educating teachers on the importance of vision and learning in a school setting.

Besides her brilliance in her work supporting eye-brain-body connection, she's here to share her immense LOVE and connection with PURE SOURCE! She's passionate in supporting others with healthy heart felt products and inspiring everyone to live their most joyous life, full of beauty and pleasure!


Contact Dr. Dean via

or call 619-757-3937

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