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The time is NOW to be WHOLE! 

with Karina Zulino


This is a deep energetic cleanse that you will leave you feeling incredible, light and connected again!

Includes an energetic subtle body analysis, balance and cleanse, plus clearing any poorly qualified spiritual interferences that are affecting your well-beingYou will receive a custom alchemical code from the work conducted as a "supplement" to support you in the future. 

Energy exchange $120 in person or remote

Energetic Cleanse


In Soul Therapy we will take a deeper look at what needs to be adjusted, released and brought in to support your souls journey in becoming your purest self.

Soul Therapy includes an in depth energetic analysis of your subtle bodies and outside influences , a consultation to discussion where you are at, what you want to bring in and what you are ready to let go of. With those intentions in our hearts and the guidance of spirit, I will be guided to utilize the appropriate tools, techniques and activations to support you in your soul's evolution. 

Below are descriptions of some of the tools and techniques that will be used during our session together.


Energy exchange $150 in person or remote

Soul Therapy


Xitlali ( and I work together in this incredible healing of family dissonance passed down through multiple generations. This is much like Family Constellations but with a twist. This twist is that we use the Sirius Portal to connect to higher Divine Consciousness and support the healing and alignment of the original discord or trauma that has been pass down the family line. 


Energy exchange $299 

(for up to 3 family members taking part in the healing), then an additional $100/family member thereafter

Ancestry Alignment


This therapy offers environmental harmonization with an expanded view of the property as a LIVING BEING.


We treat any emotional (Feng Shui), physical (Geobiology) and spiritual issues by raising the vibrational frequency and removing negative interferences that prevent harmony and health of the space.

We utilize the RP® Green "Living home" Multidimensional Platform for this treatment. Here the tools are aimed at solving common problems found in environments, such as: imbalance of the elements, astral larvae, memory of the walls, intrusive energies, negative influence from neighbors, telluric energies, lawsuits in justice, difficult commercialization, open portals, “stuck” energies, etc. Or a general clearing, harmonizing and protecting the subtle energies of the environment. working only what is divine, suitable and in line with its divine purpose.

Energy exchange $250 in person or remote

Environmnet Therapy
More Info...

Soul therapy is here to support a faster and more loving way in becoming your purest self! 

It supports you in 2 ways: 

1.  Identifying and clearing out negative patters and frequencies on an energetic, spiritual and physical level. These can be anything from unforgiven/traumatic memories from this or past lives, any outdated contracts, curses, limiting beliefs, fears, unhealthy relationships, chronic chakra imbalances, stuck energy, generational or collective conditioning, intrauterine trauma, harmful unseen influences, past down family dissonance and much more.

2. Activate and bring forth higher vibrating frequencies, unlimited possibilities, connection to your own higher self, to higher guidance, wisdom, compassion, self love and clarity that supports your souls highest evolution.  

Why do we need any of this?

Earth and all of her children are ascending into a higher (5th) dimensional state of being as we are all experiencing evolution of consciousness.  We are ending an outdated era of separation (the illusion of being separate from all, from Source, from this infinite all providing energy of pure love), therefore all that no longer serves our evolution needs to be cleared out or harmonized from our energy field before we can allow this new light, new oneness energy of pure love and compassion to integrate within our being.  We are all being guided towards higher consciousness and this can be quite scary, confusing, lonely, can linger and transformation can be quite painful. I and many light workers are here support you, hold your hand, share our love, our powerful tools and techniques to make adjustments for this all to happen both faster and in a much kinder, more loving way. 

A little more about our soul's journey... Our bodies hold memories of everything we have experienced in this lifetime. Likewise, our energy fields hold memories of everything that has ever happened to our souls. If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will go on long after we are done with these bodies, then we can imagine that our souls were probably doing something before they came into these bodies, as well.


Sometimes, the memories of our bodies and our souls create negative and limiting beliefs which manifest in our lives, causing us pain, distress and fears.

In Soul Therapy we first identify these negative patterns, harmful outside influences and lower vibrating frequencies that are present in our energy field (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body). From there we will make adjustments to clear and shift these frequencies to higher vibrational levels. Next comes the shift in perception, the access to our deeper knowing and connection to our own higher guidance.  

Many tools and techniques are used for such therapy, all dependent on what is going on, where you are at energetically plus what spirit guides us to use for support. 

More specifics on the healing modalities used:


We balance and co-create sacred space in a special way, we are able to access our energetic memory banks to find the origins of any symptoms or any issues — be they

  • Physical Ailments

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Past Life Experiences 

  • Destructive Life Patterns

  • Addictions

  • Dissatisfaction with Work and Money

  • Spiritual Alienation

  • Spirit Attachments

Once we find the origins of the issue, we use beautiful and sacred processes to lift those origins right out of our beings. And once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and they go away. It is that simple.

Of course, our souls also hold memories of all the contracts and agreements we have made over the course of many lifetimes. In a Soul Memory Discovery session, we can also access all of that information — and gain a deeper understanding of

  • Who we are

  • Where we are originally from

  • What we came here to do

  • Who our Guides and Teachers are

  • What our purpose and mission is here on Earth

  • How to connect with our Higher Selves


Soul Memory Discovery enables you to

  • Access the memories held by your body and your soul

  • Identify the source of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain

  • Release those memories through a simple healing process

  • And replace them with new, expanded beliefs, which immediately begin to manifest positively in your life


Soul Memory Discovery is a great gift for us. It allows us to lift off limitation, and very quickly step into the fullness of our Truths — in life-affirming, grace-filled ways.

Then, we can be what we truly came here to be — God’s partners in designing and co-creating the new World!


Multidimensional platforms are platforms that are anchored in the astral plane in which it’s light body vibrates and operates in various higher dimensions. They are programmed to first analyze one’s informational field (subtle body + Akashic records) then to emit supportive light codes that act like a “reprograming” tools and in divine timing they get activated to support one’s soul evolution.


A report of your energetic analysis,  work conducted and an alchemical code from your healing will be provided with each session.

Things it can support you with:

  • A deep energetic cleanse

  • Chakra, male/female energy and elements balance

  • To support, hold and establish divine order

  • Open & connect you to your higher knowing

  • Ending reocuring cycles and opening new paths

  • Identifying and connecting you to your spirit guides

  • Clearing limiting beliefs and fears

  • Clearing societal programing

  • Harmonizing karmic and past life trauma

  • Relief of anxiety

  • Supports clearing addictions

  • Supports healing depression

  • Cutting of energetic chords

  • Nulling curses, contracts and more

  • Clearing poorly qualified spiritual interferences

  • And much more

Some tools used on the Psionic Platforms are:

  • Chromotherapy healing

  • Flower essences

  • Quantum Jumping

  • Alignment and connecting to Ascended Masters, Archangels and beings of Higher Consciousness

  • Sacred Geometry 

  • Virtues from the 24 Rays of Creation

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Cutting of chords, contracts, spirit attachments, curses & more

  • Harmonizing generational past down family issues (Family constellation)

  • Multi-dimensional healing via Merkaba light body travel

  • De-programming and Re-programming new realities at a DNA level

  • Pineal tones healing

I offer a FREE 15 min call if you need any clarification of the work described or you want to share what's going on with you to see if this work will support you. 

To book an appointment or schedule a call please

text 619-627-1254 or email me at

It's always an honor to serve, Karina Zulino

Free Phone Consult
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