I love to help and many of you are overwhelmed with your full time jobs, family and everyday pilled up "to do's".  I can take some of this load off your hands and support you in creating more time for you to breathe, connect and enjoy more of life!

Just a tad bit about me and my skills besides my soul therapy and my deep love in helping people feel better: 


I can help you with most graphic design creation (logo, business cards, flyers and more),  website design or any administrative support you may need as I am proficient in most modern softwares due to having started and ran 2 of my own companies (Joga Paddles LLC and Sulit Wellness Collective).


I can be help in almost any capacity as I have been a full time mom/entrepreneur/home maker for the past 17 Years.  Name the task and I can do it well! Anything from organizing, decluttering, cleaning, cooking, running errands, caring for animals are more.


I can help co-host, clean or set up checkin/checkout and other automated processes for your airbnb. I had 3 of my own airbnb's in downtown SD, am a super host  with 5 star rating with over 355 reviews.  

The more hours in our package, the cheaper the help gets!

These hours never expire and can be easily scheduled using a shared google workspace calendar.

I also do not count my time of travel or discussion time for the scope of work needed..

$100 = 2 hours

$150 = 3 hours

$200 = 4 hours

$225 = 5 hours

$270 = 6 hours

$315 = 7 hours

$360 = 8 hours

$400 = 10 hours

$440 = 11 hours

$480 = 12 hours

$520 = 13 hours 

$550 = 15 hours

Extra cost above 15 hours is $35/hour

Airbnb Co-hosting fee is 15% of airbnb bookings and it includes full communication, reviewing guests and on call for any guests needs. The cost/hour above also applies to airbnb cleaning and any extra Airbnb services such as support in setting up an airbnb or any checkin/checkout process that needs implemented.