One of my favorite words is "Sulit" which in Filipino means "worth it". All this work of "undoing of who we thought we were" and becoming our purest self is SO worth it, YOU ARE WORTH IT, surrendering to a higher power IS WORTH IT! You will discover that underneath the "cloud" there is PEACE, LOVE & JOY!


My goals is to bring this natural JOY FOR LIFE back to anyone willing to do the work! I want to share my love, the tools, techniques, the people that will support and inspire you to find yourself and feel AMAZING AGAIN! 

Who am I?

I, so named Karina Zulino, now understand that I am nothing and am everything at the same time!


Life is one BIG LESSON AFTER ANOTHER.  I am still learning and really honor the perfection of how these lessons continue showing up for my evolution and deeper understandings.


These are some of my personal duality life lessons thus far: 

  • Being physically and mentally violated to develop self worth

  • Compromising my own needs (as a way to show love for another) to discover my importance and learn real synergetic love

  • Unconditional love, devotion and growth through motherhood of perfect but societal "atypical" children

  • Many abrupt and sudden endings of relationships and business ventures to learn to trust a higher power, let go of control and also of what no longer serves my highest growth

  • Facing and clearing many past life traumas that were leaking through into this life that were keeping me in that old stuck energy

  • Being energetically attached or drained by negative forces to learn to restore, raise and maintain my vibration as a shield of protection. 

  • Allowing other peoples opinions to influence my decisions and direction to fully experience how un-aligned that felt and to finally learn to only trust and follow my own inner knowing to guide me

  • Higher learning  and connection to higher "unseen" guidance to re-discover my true essence, wholeness and purpose


After each life lesson, the transformation has always made me feel lighter, more joyful, more loving, more peaceful, more passionate, more trusting, more alive, more supported, more inspired to HELP YOU DO THE SAME! 

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Some of my human characteristics and personality traits:

I have fire energy with Aries sign in Astrology, Pitta in Ayurveda and Fire Dragon in Chinese astrology. Some words that come to mind are: energetic, positive, loving, creative, fun, dedicated, responsible, brave, hardworking, caring and curious.

Karina Zulino